Documents Required for Regular Tranfeer of property in Dha Lahore


1. Forwarding letter giving the details of the plot / house, name of purchaser and documents under Seller’s three Signatures.

2. Original Allotment / Transfer Letter so that new letter is issued in the name of transferee.

3. Affidavit typed on Stamp paper worth Rs.50/- duly attested by Oath Commissioner.

4. No Demand Certificate (NDC).

5. Undertaking by the purchaser.

6. Photocopies of the Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) of

both Seller and Buyer duly attested by Oath Commissioner.

7. 2 x Passport size photograph duly attested by class one officer.

8. Associate Membership Registration Fee Rs.45,000/- of new Owner.

9. Cost of Associate Membership Registration Form Rs.1,000/-.

10. 3 % Cantt. Board transfer Tax of DC Value.

11. Original Transfer / Sales Deed alongwith affidavits of seller and

purchaser are to be surrendered in case of registered plot.

12. CVT-1 & IT-5 Form

13. Transfer Fee according to the size of plot.

14. Tax to be paid after Transfer activity:

a. Stamp Duty Tax.