DHA Faraz 03214000646 Phase 9 Prism Lahore Plots

DHA Faraz 03214000646 Phase 9 Prism Lahore Plots
Defense Phase 9 Prism Plots And Files For Sale 2 Kanal Plots, 1 Kanal Plots, 10 Marla Plots And 5 Marla Plots Low Budget Plots, Main Road Plots, Facing Park Plots, Near Golf Course Plots And Near Commercial Plots All Locations Available

Gawadar Real Estate & Dha Lahore Real Estate Property Adviser Consultant Professional Real Estate Experts 

Dha Lahore FARAZ ALI
(Real Estate CONSULTANT)

Mobile:03214000646 (+923214000646)


Deals in rentals, sale and least of properties, farm houses, guesthouses, showrooms, homes and land in and around Dha Lahore & Behria Town Lahore Pakistan. 
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DHA Lahore Behria Town Lahore Balloting Results

Dha Phase 10 Lahore 

Block C Plot 74 Price 125

Block G Plot 808 Price 95 lac

Block A Plot 368 Price 120 lac

Block F Plot 487 Price 130 lac

Block J Plot 280 Price 43

Block K Plot 1846 Price 43

Block R Plot 2772 Price 76 10 marla 2 paid

Block R Plot 1040 Price 40

Block F Plot 191 Price 130
Block P Plot 484 Price 111

Block D Plot 1139 Demand 107

Block D Plot 882 Demand 96 1st paid

Block N Plot 245 Demand 97 1 paid

Block L Plot 419 Demand 92

Block F Plot 1190 Demand 112

Block H Plot 397 Demand 77 main’s back

Block J Plot 1757 Demand 42 near park time available 1 paid

Block R Plot 690 Demand 36.5 1 paid

Block R Plot 1168 Rate 40 1 paid

Block R Plot 1275 Rate 41

Block R Plot 2707 Rate 60 2 paid 10 marla

Block K Plot 1898 Rate 40 1st paid Near park

Block J Plot 2040,2041 Rate pair corner
For Sale Commercial Files, Allocation Files And Affidavit Files, Phase 9 Extension Plots And Files, 9 EXT files available (Up To Date File Price, Up To Date File Rate, Today File Price, Today File Rate, Latest File Rate, Latest File Price)