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Bahria Town Karachi Projects Updates

When the Titans Clash . . .
( . . . It’s time for us Mortals to make MONEY!!!)

Anyone who has eyes and ears in Pakistan – and provided both these organs work just fine – knows the projects Bahria Town has launched in Karachi recently. However, for the benefit of those who might have been continuously sleeping for the past month or so, allow me to briefly explain two such projects that have made many poor men rich:
a). Opal 225 (which is the commercial project).
b). Hoshang Pearl (which is the residential project).

Both Opal and Pearl were launched as Rs. 500/- registration forms. These forms (worth Rs. 500/-) went on to trade at an unbelievable peak of Rs. 90,000/- in the open market (yes, you read it right; that’s nine followed by four zeroes!). Even after the Rs. 100,000/- additional down payment on each form, there was no end to the magnificent rise of the Opal and Pearl prices and the forms went on to trade at Rs. 375,000/- a piece. So, no wonder, many poor men went home with full pockets – and many big investors went home with truck-loads of hard cash.

The trade was going fine and the Bahria Titan was happily sitting on a cloud and sipping espresso when the Citi Housing Society Titan threw a spanner in the works. How? By launching its Citi Housing Society Faisalabad project. (Now – and please keep it a secret – we all know that both the Bahria Titan and the Citi Titan are relatives but, like many characters in Star Plus soaps, they really don’t get along well at all!). Thus began the Clash of the Titans!

The Citi Titan launched its residential project with Rs. 25,000/- forms which were sold at its Gujranwala office. Moreover, the very next day it announced that the people who hold the forms shall be given a discount of Rs. 250,000/- on the total price of the plot. That automatically took the form price to Rs. 250,000/- plus.

That day the Bahria Titan almost fell off his cloud as more than half of the Lahore dealers were punching and kicking each other outside the Citi Housing Office to get their hands on the forms and the Bahria forms crashed to somewhere in the vicinity of Rs. 200,000/-. Something needed to be done and done fast!!

The Bahria Titan, without wasting another breath, announced that it will give a discount of Rs. 500,000/- on both Opal and Pearl forms. This was announced in the newspapers only yesterday (23rd December, 2013) and the forms have already risen to Rs. 325,000/-.

And what is the moral of the story for us mere mortals??

The moral is to get these forms right now and pray that the two Titans keep on hitting each other with thunder and lightening bolts, because when they do so it usually rains money. Here’s the breakdown of the current prices:

1.​Citi Housing Society Faisalabad (worth at least Rs. 250,000/- in the near future):
​Buying:​Rs. 90,000/-
​Selling:​Rs. 75,000/-

2.​Opal-225 (worth at least Rs. 700,000/- in the near future):
​Buying:​Rs. 300,000/-
​Selling:​Rs. 275,000/-

3.​Hoshang Pearl (worth at least Rs. 600,000/- in the near future):
​Buying:​Rs. 165,000/-
​Selling:​Rs. 140,000/-

(Please note that the open market trading for these forms is taking place at a very fast pace these days. The prices quoted above are valid only for one hour. Regular updates can be received by calling up Syyed Fasih Ud Din at 0321 4098989 )