Commercial Investment | DHA Lahore Commercial Plots Commercial Plots For Sale

Commercial Investment | DHA Lahore Commercial Plots

Commercial Plots For Sale

One of the most rewarding investments in DHA Lahore is to buy a commercial plot. We helps you to buy DHA Lahore commercial plots which offer you the best return on your money.

Maximize your returns

Commercial plot investment is the best way to maximize your returns on real estate investment. Imlaak will help you find the best commercial plots in DHA Lahore to fit your profile.

We take pride in being the finest when it comes to buying and selling of commercial plots in DHA Lahore. Our experts are highly skilled to close deals for you in better than market price. Let us help you make the right choice.

We guarantee 100% TRANSPARENCY in all our deals.

DHA Lahore Commercial Plots

Tips For Buyers

Location Matters

Commercial plots are greatly effected by there location. Always buy a commercial plot on premium locations such as Broadway phase 8 , MB Phase 6 and main CCA.

Rent or investment

Define your purpose of buying the commercial plot. Commercials in phase 1 to 6 have better rental value and newer phases have a better investment value.

Size matters

When it comes to the size and budget is not an issue an 8 Marla plot is better than 4 Marla commercial plot. A bigger commercial building is suitable for bigger brands, banks and offices.

Tips For Sellers

Haste makes waste

Never sell your commercial plot in a hurry and make sure you get the optimum price. Some areas peak later than the others and commercial plots will always get scarcer in time.


Only sell to upgrade or you will repent in future. When commercial plots mature the prices sky rocket, therefore sell a smaller plot to buy a bigger plot at a better location.

Sell bad plots

If you end up with a plot on a bad location after balloting of commercial files, do not hesitate to sell it immediately. Remember the more you wait to sell it the bigger your loss.

If you need help to buy or sell commercial plots in DHA Lahore, call