Dha Multan Latest Development News Plot Files Prices Rates Updates 

Dha Multan Latest Development News Plot Files Prices Rates Updates 

Analysis DHA Multan Installment File Ballot Result 2017 
DHA Multan Installment File Ballot Result June 2017 
DHA Multan installment file ballot result is expected to be available on DHA Multan website on 5th June 2017 . The ballot was conducted on 31st May in public. Total number of files balloted as per unofficial reports are 9800 as under :
5 Marla Residential file    4700 

8 Marla Residential file    2050 

10 Marla Residential file  1800 

1 Kanal Residential file     500 

2 Kanal Residential file    300 

4 Marla Commercial file  300 

8 Marla Commercial file  150 
We are receiving hundreds of phone calls every day from the applicants, however we can not confirm the DHA Multan installment file ballot result till they are uploaded on the official website. 
This is one of the biggest ballot and huge number of files have been allotted on installment. So far we do not have any confirmation about the number of files allotted in each quota. In my opinion DHA Multan installment files will have a great impact in real estate market overall. It may also impact the sales of installment files in DHA Bahawalpur and DHA Peshawar and you may notice a dip in their premium. 
If you look at the number of files in each category, we can clearly make out that trading in smaller files will be more profitable.
Assessment of premium for safe buying in each category 

5 Marla Residential file    2 to 3 Lacs

 8 Marla Residential file    3 to 4 Lacs 

10 Marla Residential file  4 to 6 Lacs

 1 Kanal Residential file     2 to 3 Lacs

 2 Kanal Residential file    8 to 11 Lacs

 4 Marla Commercial file  25 to 30 Lacs

 8 Marla Commercial file  35 to 40 Lacs 
While the market & investors demands may go high, i believe it is irrelevant to buy at a very high premium unless you are looking for long term investment. It is also important that you only purchase the installment files of DHA Multan after the down payment has been made and allotment letter issued by DHA in favor of the owner. Some people may not be able to deposit the initial down payment and will try to sell their files on less premium, however it may be risky if you pay on their behalf and not recommended. 
Market expectation of premium DHA Multan installment file 
While the premium will vary on day to day basis, however we can establish a min and max range after down payment as under :
5 Marla Residential file    3 to 7 Lacs 

8 Marla Residential file    5 to 9 Lacs 

10 Marla Residential file  7 to 11Lacs 

1 Kanal Residential file     5 to 8 Lacs 

2 Kanal Residential file    12 to 16 Lacs

 4 Marla Commercial file  35 to 40 Lacs

 8 Marla Commercial file  45 to 55 Lacs 
Just remember that buying at high premium may not be financially viable for most and is usually just a market hype. 
Lets suppose you purchase  a 10 Marla installment file of DHA Multan at 10 Lacs premium so you will have to pay following amounts initially :
3.5 Lacs down payment + 10 Lacs premium + 150000 (approx on transfers) = 15 Lacs total initially 
15 Lacs initial + 31.5 Lacs installments + 11 Lacs development charges approx = 57.5 Lacs to be paid in 5 years approx
You can apply this formula to know how much each type of file may cost you in 5 years from now. Even if you expect that the 10 Marla plot in DHA Multan will be atleast 70 to 80 Lacs in 5 years , financially  you are just adding 13 to 23 Lacs on an investment of 57.5 Lacs in 5 years.  
In such a case i believe it is just better to buy a DHA Gujranwala 10 marla file at 30 lacs in cash. Unless you do not have the cash available for buying the said file on cash. 
This may not be applicable for 4 Marla commercial file of DHA multan on installment or 8 Marla commercial file on installment as they are worth buying on installment because of the higher price. 
Recommendations We recommend that you buy DHA Multan installment file on premium only if you wish to keep it long term as short term investment may not be suitable if you are buying at higher premium. Only purchase through a professional real estate agency as few people may start selling fake files in the market. Make sure to do all the necessary documentation when you buy a file on installment for DHA Multan.  Best is to buy as early as possible instead of delaying it. This means that you should purchase the file after down payment and before 1st installment.  As the number of paid installments keep increasing the premium will keep decreasing as well and therefore as sellers the best time to exit is just after the down payment as well.  We recommend that you purchase the files as per our assessment of premium and not as per market demands. However if you are just trying to make a property and profits are irrelevant to you than buying on a higher premium is also not such a bad idea. 
We will be updating a detailed analysis by the mid of this month after the ballot results are updated after 5th June. 

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