DHA Faraz 03214000646 Phase 7 Lahore Plots

DHA Faraz 03214000646 Phase 7 Lahore Plots
Defense Phase 7 2 Kanal Plots, 1 Kanal Plots, 10 Marla Plots And 5 Marla Plots, Affidavit Files And Allocation Files, Residential Files And Commercial Files, Low Budget Plots, Corner Plots, Facing Park Plots, Main Road Plots And General Location Plots For Sale Non Possession Plots And Possession Plots Both
Block Y Plot 3534/1 Price 77 1 Kanal

Block Z2 Plot 1755 Price 95 1 Kanal

Block T Plot 654 Price 150

Block Y Plot 3534/17 Price 75 10 Marla

Block R Plot 578 Price 167 1 Kanal

Block Y Plot 89,90 Price 330 lacs cost of land pair facing park
Block Y Plot 965 Price 130 lacs 1 Kanal

Block W Plot 116 Price 152 lacs

Block Y Plot 1632 Demand 135 1 Kanal

Block Y Plot 1492 Demand 130 1 Kanal

Block Y Plot 1680 Demand 125

Block Z2 Plot 1259 Demand 103 1 Kanal

Block Q Plot 1061 Demand 120 1 Kanal
Block Q Plot 433 Demand 120

Block Y Plot 1831 Rate 125

Block Q Plot 360 Rate 115 1 Kanal

Block Y Plot 232 Rate 155lac NDC Apply

Block S Plot 1052 Rate 155 lac NDC Apply

Block T Plot 1066 Rate 120 1 Kanal

Block X Plot 491 Rate 110 1 Kanal

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Deals in rentals, sale and least of properties, farm houses, guesthouses, showrooms, homes and land in and around Dha Lahore & Behria Town Lahore Pakistan. 
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