Defence Housing Authority Dha Lahore Pakistan Construction and Development Rules and Regulations 

Latest Defence DHA Lahore Building Byelaws for More Details Call Faraz 0321-4000646  
Latest Defence DHA Lahore Building Byelaws for More Details Call Faraz 0321-4000646

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Latest Defence DHA Lahore Building Byelaws before Constructing authority keeps amending construction and development byelaws with time. Let’s have a look at certain things, you must know before constructing a home in DHA Lahore.

1-No construction, addition, alteration or renovation and demolition shall be allowed without prior approval of the Authority.
2-Application for construction, addition, alteration, renovation and demolition of building shall be made to the Authority on the prescribed form.
3-The person shall start construction of the building within a period of 3 years from the date, the area has been opened for possession, failing which the person shall be liable to pay non-construction penalty.
4-The authority has the right to inspect the building prior notice during construction phase or after completion and has the right to demolish un-approved structures at the cost of owner.
5-Maximum height of any type of residential building shall not exceed 30 feet from road for I to IV, while it can be 35 feet from phase V to onward.
6-The height of car porch, if resting on boundary wall, should not be less than 9 feet and also should not be more than the roof level of ground floor.
7-Covered area of first floor shall not exceed 75% of the total permissible area of the ground floor, irrespective of the area covered at the ground floor. In case you own a 5 marla plot, 100% area of ground floor can be covered on first floor.
8-2 feet wide sun/rain shade and roof projection with 6 inches drop down is permitted. However, the shade should not be joined with open terrace except on front.
9-Depth of car porch should be less than 12 feet excluding 2 feet projection and it should not exceed 18 feet.
10-Maximum height of boundary wall should be 7 feet from crown of the adjacent road. And owner can install maximum 2 feet high electric wire fence on common boundary wall after obtaining NOC from neighbouring houses. However, the total height should not be more than 9 feet.

11-Common boundary wall cannot be used for the construction of car porch columns. The columns should be constructed adjacent to the boundary wall.

12-The height of ceiling of living rooms should not be less than 9.5 feet and not more than 12 feet.

13-Height of ceiling of basement shall not be less than 9 feet and more than 10 feet.

14-Swimming pool is not permitted in the residential building having area less than one kanal, not even on the roof top of the house.

15-Single storey basement is permitted in the residential area.

16-No residential plot shall be converted into any other use except with the approval of the Executive Board.

Latest Defence DHA Lahore Building Byelaws for More Details Call Faraz 0321-4000646